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Relatively little is known about the Precambrian, despite it making up roughly seven-eighths of the Earth's history, and what is known has largely been discovered from the 1960s onwards.

The Precambrian fossil record is poorer than that of the succeeding Phanerozoic, and fossils from that time (e.g.

Life began in the sea, and most extant life yet exists in the sea.

The sea contains an incomprehensible diversity of life, mostly still undiscovered or described, ranging across all the domains of life.

Proterozoic was the eon when cyanobacteria produced oxygen, iron and methane were oxidized, and life emerged in the late of the period on the bottom of the sea.

Several very severe ice ages occured in Proterozoic that is the Huronian, Sturtian, Marinoan and Gaskiers ice ages. Earth's earliest geological period has been named the Hadean after the underworld in the Greek mythology, Hades.

After that the modern high-oxygen atmosphere developed.

The oxygen was immediately tied up in chemical reactions, primarily with iron, until the supply of oxidizable surfaces ran out.

stromatolites) are of limited biostratigraphic use. It is thought that the Earth coalesced from material in orbit around the Sun at roughly 4,543 Ma, and may have been struck by a very large (Mars-sized) planetesimal shortly after it formed, splitting off material that formed the Moon (see Giant impact hypothesis).

A stable crust was apparently in place by 4,433 Ma, since zircon crystals from Western Australia have been dated at 4,404 ± 8 Ma.

Visible tangible life in the form of trilobites and other animals appeared for the first time in Cambrian.

That is why the traditional boundary between the distant geological past and the period of life on Earth, is defined at start of Cambrian.

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